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Key Control – Key Finder Concept Gadget!

Posted by: admin on: November 26, 2012

Designers Chu Wang, Qiujin Kou, Qian Yin & Yonghua Zhang have come up with this RFID enabled finder gadget. The next step is obviously to make a finder to help find the finder gadget!

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FORM 1 – An Affordable, High Definition Laser 3D Printer

Posted by: admin on: September 28, 2012

A ‘truly immersive’ VR headset that promises to be competitively priced with a star studded list of endorsements. Gabe Newel of Valve,  John Carmack of Doom and even Notch of Minecraft all say this thing is gonna rock. You can sign up for a dev kit on kickstarter

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