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No More Wires! Wireless Wristband ‘MP3 Player Creative’ Concept

Posted by: admin on: July 26, 2012

Even though it has the Creative logo on it, this is still very much a prototype from Brazilian designer Dinard da Mata. Headphone wires instantly tangle in your pocket but they do make the headphone part hard to lose and easy pull out of your ear. That’s not something that can be said for this design.

7 Responses to "No More Wires! Wireless Wristband ‘MP3 Player Creative’ Concept"

An interesting concept, I reckon make part of the wristband magnetic along with the ear buds so that they could attach when not being used, or alternatively make the ear buds give off a loud ping noise when you press a button on the wristband to locate them.

Please please make this. It looks perfect

One way to make them easier to remove would be to give the earbud an extension that wraps around the ear.

its just wow in-short to comment about this device……will u please tell me where can i buy this?

You can’t. Still just a concept. Maybe in a year from now or so.

I love the whole wristband concept but I really really really want earbuds does anyone know if anyone makes some like that for iPods ????

Very cool concept. How about some sort of tracking device in it so if you lose it you can find it via phone app?

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