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Posts from the ‘Womens Clothing’ Category

Halfling Slippers! – Get Feet Like Sneaky Little Hobbitses!

September 11, 2012




via Think Geek

Animal Clothes Hangers!

September 11, 2012


via Urban Outfitters

Convertible High Heels!

August 16, 2012
by admin

The Winerack

August 13, 2012
by admin

Possibly the most ingenious way of sneaking alcohol into a club and one small step towards boobs that dispense beer. It’s a bra that contains any liquid and can be found on Amazon for $29.95

Print Any Image Permanently Onto Fabric Using Light

August 1, 2012
by admin

Another kickstarter success this tube of magical gunk lets you ‘print with light’. Why pay for an expensive tee design again when you can pay $12 for a tube of this stuff from lumi

Rainbow Shuffle T-Shirt – Oh My!

July 30, 2012
by admin

Hand picked by George Takei, this men & women’s t-shirt by Eggshell Green is   ~$25 from  cafepress. Just don’t think about what’s at end of that rainbow.

Shut Up And Take-A My Coins!

July 26, 2012

























YOUCH piranha plant earrings originally by lizglizz on Etsy but are now all sold. You can on ebay now for between $9.99 and $23.99






















































Chain chomp earrings – $25.90 expected August 22nd 2012 on Etsy