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Posts from the ‘Travel’ Category

The Lifestraw – Purifies Water Instantly & Inexpensively

January 8, 2013
by admin

Prevents 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria andĀ  diarrhoeal diseases in upto 1000L of contaminated water. I need one for travelling/hiking!


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The Upright Sleeper – For Serious On The Job Sleepers

November 21, 2012

Some people may think you look like a tard but what do you care? You are sleeping like a baby while they have to support their weak necks themselves.


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The Ostrich Pillow – Power Nap Anywhere

November 6, 2012
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by admin


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Hop! The Following Suitcase – Your Own Overly Attached Robotic Bellhop

October 24, 2012

The Hop is a robotic suitcase that triangulates it’s owners location from the bluetooth on their smartphone and follows them wherever they go. If the signal is lost the user is alerted by the vibration of the phone and suitcase locks itself. Seems like the future? Well it is at moment as this is just a concept.

Shorten Your Commute With The Martin Jetpack!

October 19, 2012
by admin

It may look like the future but the Martin Jetpack from New Zealand by Glenn Martin is meant to be released this year. It has already reached 5000ft and takes petrol not aviation fuel. So if you’ve got a spare $80k keep an eye on

Screw You Guys I’m Going Home!

October 5, 2012
by admin


Any one know where we can get this case transformer chair? I’m stumped.

Xfire Bike Safety Light – Make Your Own Bike Lane!

September 28, 2012
by admin

Cars may just keep a respectful distance from you with this gadget from Xfire not for your safety but because they will probably be wondering what the hell is going on.



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Pole Climbing Bike Lock!

September 13, 2012
by admin

Mess with thieves minds and gain the admiration of crowds of hipsters with this nifty concept from German electronics company Conrad

Radical 20 MPH Electric Longboard

September 12, 2012

20 miles per hour and a 6 mile range, perfect for the end of a commute. By Boosted Boards , pre-order at Kickstarter

Tiny Portable Pico Projectors – Project From Your Phone or Laptop Anywhere!

August 20, 2012
by admin

Great for travel, presentations or just showing off to your friends. Depending on the quality of the picture you need you can get a cheap one for $99 or a branded one forĀ  $257 or one that fits your iPhone for $239.99


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