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Posts from the ‘Sport’ Category

Work Less Play Notepad – Let The Office Games Commence!

November 21, 2012


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Become One Of The Sea People With Darkfin Webbed Gloves

November 12, 2012
by admin


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Oru Origami Kayak!

October 30, 2012
by admin

The Oru Origami Kayak is designed by San Francisco-based Anton Willis and is still in development. You can fold it up and carry it about with you but when fully expanded, the Oru folding kayak is about 12 feet long, and it weighs only 25 pounds.

Quad Bike + Jetski = The Quadski – Escape Zombies In Style!

October 18, 2012
by admin


Unfortunately this zombie escaping machine is still a prototype and not for sale from Gibbs Sports

The Miniature Book Of Miniature Golf – Mini Mini Golf

October 10, 2012
by admin

When you finally make it the ball falls down to the next page/hole…Ingenious. There is also a mini pool table for $11.64


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Xfire Bike Safety Light – Make Your Own Bike Lane!

September 28, 2012
by admin

Cars may just keep a respectful distance from you with this gadget from Xfire not for your safety but because they will probably be wondering what the hell is going on.



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Fly Like Dolphin Ironman With The Flyboard Water Thrusting Jetpack

September 14, 2012
by admin

So awesome it looks unreal. I Keep throwing money at the screen but nothing happens!


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Radical 20 MPH Electric Longboard

September 12, 2012

20 miles per hour and a 6 mile range, perfect for the end of a commute. By Boosted Boards , pre-order at Kickstarter

Horse Riding Fitness! Ace! Power!

July 24, 2012

I’m not sure which muscles this thing works out but I’d hazard to say all the fun ones. Use two shake weights at the same time for the ultimate workout and don’t let your gran anywhere near it

Ping Pong Door!

July 19, 2012
by admin

Do I need to say any more before you  start throwing money at your computer screen? Tobias Fränzel at has come up with this INGENIOUS way to save space and play ping pong. If those two things weren’t on your life priorities list then I pity you.