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Posts from the ‘Kickstarter Stuff’ Category

3Doodler: The World’s First 3D Printing Pen!

February 20, 2013
by admin

Wobbleworks asked for $30k from Kickstarter funders for this awesome idea but have rasied over $800k so far! Now if only they’d make one that prints candy!

StickNFind – Bluetooth Powered Ultra Small Location Stickers!

January 5, 2013
by admin

Use your smartphone to find anything within 100 metres with one of these small stickers on it. Ideal for kids, pets, remote controls etc,  £35 for 2 stickers in pre order stage at the moment but prices probably will come down! Via indiegogo


via Indiegogo

Popslate – E-Ink Screen In Your Phone Case!

December 17, 2012

Use it as a permanent clock, show your latest messages or read a book on it, E-Ink allows you to do all these things on your phone and not kill your battery. I want one! You can pre-order one for $75 at their Indiegogo page

Bandit Guns Rubber Band Shotgun!

November 8, 2012
by admin

Great for office turf wars or your average guerilla war with your child soldiers at home. Unfortunately it’s only available to pre order right now via Kickstarter

FORM 1 – An Affordable, High Definition Laser 3D Printer

September 28, 2012
by admin


via Kickstarter

Reinventing The Lightbulb

September 17, 2012

You can find remote control multi-color, energy efficient LED light bulbs at Amazon. But remote controls are easy to lose so if you want bulbs that you control with your smartphone you’ll have to wait for the one in the video by LIFX to be released.


via Amazon

Radical 20 MPH Electric Longboard

September 12, 2012

20 miles per hour and a 6 mile range, perfect for the end of a commute. By Boosted Boards , pre-order at Kickstarter